Any Reviews for Hamsa Handpans?

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Any Reviews for Hamsa Handpans?


I'm doing some research on the new company Hamsa Handpans.  I'm interested in buying one soon, and looking for feedback or reviews from some recent owners of a Hamsa, or anyone who has played their instruments recently (ideally 2016, as they have been evolving).

From what I can see, Stevan Morris has a good reputation in the Handpan community, and organizes the Pantasia gathering, has trained 2 years with DII, and is being very fair about his pricing in the early stages of development of his line of instruments.

I have a good feeling, but hoping to get a little reassurance from some players who have held a Hamsa instrument in their hands, which I don't have the luxury to do.  Especially appreciated is feedback from experienced handpan players, who have other makers to compare to and understand the subtler nuances of a quality instrument.

For my first handpan, I don't need the best there is, but I want something of a musician's quality; namely fine tuning, sweet overtones and sustain, and a tone that will make me want to play all day and all night...  :)

Any feedback is much appreciated!