BEllArt Bells Sold on eBay - Final Prices 2013

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BEllArt Bells Sold on eBay - Final Prices 2013

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Like most 'top-tier' HandPan that appear for sale on eBay, BEllArt BElls are likely to sell for considerably more at auction than if bought directly from their maker (the current price for a BEllArt is unlisted and subject to change, but the original price for a version one was approximately $1600).  However, at time of posting, obtaining a Bells directly from BEllArt, is going to require a considerable wait (the original waiting list was closed years ago, and the orders on this original list are, at time of posting, still being completed).

So, should you be thinking of bidding for one of the BElls that appear for sale on eBay with relative frequency, you might find it useful to know the final sales prices of previous BEllArts, that have been sold via eBay in recent months.  To give you some idea of how deep into your pockets you'll be needing to dig, should you be hoping to be the winning bidder.

Recent BEllArt BElls auctions (2013):

15th August, 2013 - Version One BElls - Raga Desh Tuning - Final Price = $2633

5th September, 2013 - BElls Whimfire - Protus Tuning - Final Price = $4842

25th September, 2013 - Version One BElls - GOPIKATILAKA Tuning - Final Price = $3762

14th October, 2013 - Version One BElls - GENUS Tuning - Final Price = $2978

(!) You can usually find any BElls being offered for sale at eBay listed: HERE
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