Chromatic HandPan - The 13 Note Spacedrum

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Chromatic HandPan - The 13 Note Spacedrum

Still (at time of posting) the only Chromatic HandPan (that we know of), the 13 note Spacedrum is the creation of French HandPan makers, MetalSounds.

The largest offering from MetalSounds, with a diameter of 60cm, this 13 note chromatic HandPan features the notes: C4 C#4 D4 Eb4 E4 F4 F#4 G4 G#4 A4 Bb4 B4 C5.

Below are some videos (the first of which features, 'Yuki Koshimoto', in a video that has rapidly become one of the most shared HandPan vids online)...

You can find more info on the 13 Note Spacedrum at the MetalSounds website: HERE
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