Handpan Discovery Workshop - 28th April - Berlin

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Handpan Discovery Workshop - 28th April - Berlin

Handpan (Hang Drum) Discovery Workshop

When: 28.04.17, 5 — 8 pm
Fee: 40,00 € (30,00 € with your own instrument)
Language: English
Age 16+
Location: spiral school of music, Käthe-Niederkirchner-Str. 19, 10407 Berlin

An invitation to learn the Handpan (Hang Drum) in a fun, collaborative group enviroment. Explore the instrument's timbre, rhythm techniques and arpeggios. Learn how to sing with the instrument and how to develop a basic compositional structure. The 3 hour workshop will unleash your musical creativity, work on sensitivity in your hands and develop/expand your know how of the magical singing steel in a practical, easy to learn, hands on way. The workshop is limited to 5 participants and is suitable for beginners to intermediate students. Instruments are provided. Rental of a handpan is possible for ongoing students.

Registration: music-school-berlin.de/kontakt--contact

Original event announcement.
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