Hang Out USA 2014 - HandPan Festival - Near Asheville, NC

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Hang Out USA 2014 - HandPan Festival - Near Asheville, NC

Hang Out USA is an American HandPan Festival to be held near Asheville, NC, on June 12-15.  2014 will be the first year for Hang Out USA - which is the American version of the HangOut UK gathering, which has been held annually, since 2008.

In terms of scheduled performances, the line-up appears to be about as close to epic as you're ever likely to get all in one place.  And there'll also no doubt be workshops, and plenty of time for jamming too...

Obviously with this being the first Hang Out USA, there's not yet any video of the event to share, but here's a short video from HangOut UK 2010, which should give you some idea of what to expect...

Hang Out USA tickets cost $250 - including food, camping, etc.  and they go on sale (or become open for registration?) on the 31st March.  The gathering has space for 175 people, though it's worth being aware (should you wish to attend), that tickets for the UK HangOut, sold out in just three minutes.

Find more info at the Hang Out USA website: HERE
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