Hang Scams - March 2014

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Hang Scams - March 2014

It has been a crazy month for Hang scams on eBay this March.  The month is not yet over, and so far, since March the 1st, there have been (at least) 13 scam PANArt Hang listings that have appeared at HandPan Bay...

The majority of which have featured various pictures of a second-generation gudu Hang (complete with 'Dum').  


And one of the reasons for there seemingly being so many, is that this scam is appearing over many international eBay sites, including the U.S., Australia, the UK, and Spain.  

The majority of these scam listings also feature the now notorious, 'contact me before bidding' image...

Which is of course, to be avoided.

The majority of these Hang scams that have been listed on eBay are believed to be work of a Romanian scammer known as 'Madalin Cosmin Badea' (or at the very least, this is a name that this scammer has been known to use).

This scammer is known to have stolen tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars from those seeking a Hang (and occasionally other sought after HandPan).  So do tread carefully...

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