Maybe for sale. Sunpan Spanish Gypsy G3

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Maybe for sale. Sunpan Spanish Gypsy G3

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Hi folks,

After just over 2 years of owning this beautiful instrument I feel its time to move on and so I am trying to get clued up of how much I should be looking for.

Sun pan Spanish gypsy G3. b3. c4. d4. eb4. f4. g4
I'm thinking of Ebay but the fees put me off and also the potential for some scammer to open a "Not as described" case where your payment may not be released after they have received the sunpan.
Any thoughts most welcome. I'm a novice still but moving on slowly with my playing and simple compositions. I'll post some video links soon so you can hear her but I'm sure I dont do the sound as much justice as a more experienced player could. I also only have a phone to record on which gives quite a poor reproduction. I'm in Chorley in the UK and anyone is welcome to give her a try out if they're near enough to vist.