New steel tongue drum - HELP

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ManoRu ManoRu
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New steel tongue drum - HELP

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Hello dear people,

I'm enjoying the sound of Hang and Steeldrums for years now.
For my own im playing guitar, cajon and a little piano. Now I want a Hang for my own.
But wow... they are so freaking expensive :o
As a student i can't afford them.

Lately I discovered steel tongue drums. They aren't so expensive and look pretty awesome.
The sound seems to be more or less the same.

What do you guys think of these 2 steel tongue drums?
Are they worth the price?
How important is the number of the tongues? The cheeper one only has 8, while the more expensive one has 9 tongues.
Wich Relax skala should I choose?

What do you think of these?
They promise a voluminous sound because of the splitted tongue.

Can you explain me the differences in the sound between hang and steel tongue drums?

They also have a Youtube channel and videos how the steel tongue drums sound:

Hopefully you can help me!
Happy new years!
Mano =)
EliOli EliOli
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Re: New steel tongue drum - HELP

Tongue drums are really not the same as a handpan at all in terms of sound, as far as I've seen.  The notes have a different quality and are not as loud.  The best sounding tongue drums that at know of are the Rav Vast drums.  If I was going to get a tongue drum myself, it would be one of these. 
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Re: New steel tongue drum - HELP

In reply to this post by ManoRu
Hey, ManoRU.  Happy new year to you also. :)  

It sounds to me like you've gotten yourself on to a good path, as per your tastes, and budget.  The Hank/steel tongue drum has a long history of being used as a more affordable/accessible alternative to the Handpan.  And as per my own experiences, they definitely share a common palette, both in terms of sound, and playing style.  Though there are certainly differences.  Personally, I often describe the sound difference as being what the electronic keyboard is to the piano.  

As with Handpan everybody as their own favourites when it comes to steel tongue drum.  The most commonly spoken of instrument at the moment is the RAV as mentioned by EliOli above.  Before that it was the Idiopan.  And before that the Zen Tambour.  But ultimately, it's all a matter of personal tastes.  And to my ears, (looks aside) the difference in sound between all but the worst of them, is relatively negligible.  

GUDU are one of my personal favourite makes, due to wide range of styles they offer.  Plus I love the look.  Sound-wise, again, it's a personal thing.  Listen to a whole bunch of videos, and if you like the sound, you like the sound.  If you don't, you don't.  Simple as that.  

Most of your other questions are again really just about personal taste.  There are Hang with eight notes, others with nine notes.  Handpan with six notes, others with fifteen notes.  The more notes you have, the more you have to play around with.  But then arguably, the more notes that are crammed on, the more you move away from that simple intuitive style of play that made the Hang special to begin with.

Which scale/sound-model again is very much a personal choice.  Listen to the different videos/ audio, and choose your own favourite. :)
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