What is the Difference Between Zen Tambour and Hang

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What is the Difference Between Zen Tambour and Hang

Q.  What is the Difference Between Zen Tambour (and other steel tongue/Hank drum) and Hang?

Having had a few people reaching this site with the above, or similar questions, we thought we'd take a stab at answering it for those passing through.


Zen Tambour are instruments created by one, Mr Spike Finch (of exoticvessels.com) And are instruments that fall into the type known commonly as either, 'Hank drum', or 'Steel tongue drum'.

Inspired by the Hang in the sense that the Zen Tambour (like most steel tongue drum) were to a more or lesser degree based on the designs of, Dennis Havlena. the maker of the original Hank drum, which itself was inspired by the Hang, steel tongue drum are usually made from a shell that has certain similarities to that of the Hangs, and additionally, most, borrow the intuitive note-layout pioneered by PANArt (the Hang makers).

Other than this however, steel tongue drum arguably have more in common with traditional wooden tongue drum (or 'slit drum') - hollow percussion instruments often made from bamboo, common to Africa, and South-east Asia.

While the Hang (and other HandPan), have their roots closer to the traditional 'Steel Pan' instruments of Trinidad and Tobago.

Though in our opinion, the differences are measurable in many ways by the similarities - and the sounds of the two instruments, while unique to themselves, are not entirely dissimilar.  And both can be equally fun to play...

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