What the PANArt Gubal Could Look Like...

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What the PANArt Gubal Could Look Like...

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Lots of speculation as to what PANArt's new instrument, the 'Gubal' might look like...

"...Felix reported that they have called the new instrument Gubal. Where the Hang has its Gu, we see the Gubal has a "Gugel"(?), a closed hemispherical expansion of the volume, which comes to lie between the player's legs. The Gu has moved to the top, now a constriction, which is surrounded by a ring thing. By increasing the volume, the Helmholtz resonance is lowered and at the same time increased (in volume)..."

Could this be it?

Source: http://www.wipo.int/ipdl/en/hague/key.jsp?KEY=DM%2F079631

[Update] Video now available online
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